Marketing Partners

Last Modified: Sep, 2022 (the “Website” or “we”) has entered into strategic relationships with certain partner companies (“Marketing Partners”) in an effort to help fulfill the requests you have made on our website concerning various deals, offers, or opportunities (the “Offers”). By requesting such information you are providing a digital signature and expressly consenting to receiving a phone call from such Marketing Partners, at the phone number provided on our signup page. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, below we have aggregated a list of our current marketing partners who may be in contact with you based on the Offers you have asked to receive more information about.

The following is a list of our call center/marketing partners. A select group of these partners may contact you by telephone and/or SMS text messaging.

*ADT, *ADT Solar
100 Insure,, 22u2 inc., 3 Zone Media Holdings, 365 Marketing Group, LLC, 365 Marketing Group, LLC, 833IRSHELP, 833TaxFree LLC
AAG, ACTIVE, ADT, ADT Security, ADT Solar, AHG Insurance, AJT Diabetic Inc, ARISE Durable Medical Equipment LLC, AURA, AZ Diabetic Supply,, Accudose Pharmacy, Accuquote, Ace Solutions, LLC DBA, ActivStyle, Active Sun Networks, Adduc, Advance Bio Solutions, Advantage Healthcare Plans, Advertising inc., Advocacy Center, Advocate My Insurance, Advocate Rights Center, Advocator Group, Aftha, LLC, Agent Boost Marketing, Alder Home Security, All Service Financial LLC, All Tort Solutions, All Web Leads, Alleviate Tax, Alliance For Better Health Access, Alliance Healthcare, Alliant Law, Allied Insurance Partners, Allstate Insurance, Ally Senior Health, America Auto Care, America Auto Care, America's Choice Tax Relief, America's Health Providers, American Advisors Group, American Benefits, American Disability, American Disability Helpline, American Freight and Storage, American Health Marketplace, American Health Reform Solutions, American Income Life, American Marketing, American Select, American Snuff Co., American Way Health LLC., Americas Lift Chair, Ameriquote, Andrews Wharton, Inc., Anthem, Apex Document Processing LLC, Apollo Genetics, Apollo Health Group, Apollo Partners, Aragon Advertising, Aragon Advertising LLC, Ascend Health, Assistance Support Center, Astoria Company, Atlas Vehicle Protection, Aurora Health, Auto Accident Team, Auto Help Center, Auto Protectors, Auto Repair Protection, Auto Service Center, AutoInsurerQuote, Automotive Services Center,, accidentlegalhelp.legel
BD BPO Solutions, BIOGX Laboratory, Backpain Discount club, Band Financial Group, Baylor Genetics, Be The Boss Network, Benefit Advisors, BenefitsTeam, Bennett FMO, Better Debt,,, BingeGossip, Biologistic Solutions, Biologistics Solutions, Blogly, Blue Dolphin Media, Inc, Blue Ridge Data Systems, LLC, Boomsourcing, Boost Health Insurance, Boost Marketing Inc, Boost Medicare, Braver Law, Braver Law Pllc, Brenes Law Group, Bridgewater Health LLC, Bridgewater Health Supplies, Bright Future Iowa, Brighter Senior Protection, Broadbase Media, Brunswick Islands
CA Marketing, CEE, CGM Medicare, Cadence Media Inc., Call Center Gateway, Call Trader, LLC, Callcore Media, Camp Lejeune Victims, Capital Vacations, Care 2, CareOneLLC, Case4Demand, Cege Media, Centene, Century Benefits, Certified Health Options, Chamber for Progress, Champions for Justice, Checker's, Choice Health Insurance, Choice Home Warranty, Cigna, Circle K, Citiwellness, Citizens Disability, Claim Your Benefits, Clean Energy Experts, CleanSky Energy, Clear Choice Marketing Group, Clear To Close Financial Group, Clearview Renewables, Inc, Client Consent, Cloud 9 Healthcare, Colorado River Adventures, Complete Auto Care, Complete Car, Complete Car Warranty, Complete Home Services, Complete Home Services, Connecting the Dots LLC, Consolidated Credit, Consolidated Credit Solutions, Inc, Consumer Awareness Group, Consumer Coalition, Consumer Council, Consumer Tax Center, Consumer Tort Network, ConsumerONE, Conversion Marketing Solutions, Core Home Security, Country Living, Countrywide Medical, Cover Care Insurance Services LLC, CoverageOne, Coverance Insurance Solutions Inc, Credit Card Help Desk, Credit First Financial LLC,, CumulusLLC,
DIET, DIRx, DLPro, DS Prospecting, DV Injury Law, DataProsper, DeQuattro Enterprises Inc., Debt Repair Pros,, Degree, Degree Transfers, DegreeSource, Dental Services US, Diablo Media, Diet Advisors, Diet Life Pro, Digital Media Solutions, Direct Energy, Direct Media Partners, Disability Advisor, Discount Power, Dream Trips
EDM Lead Network, ELITE MEDICARE ADVISORS, EMS, ENH Power, Easy Rest, Eco Plus Power, LLC, Education Directory, ElderLifeQuotes, Eligo Energy, Emma J's BBQ, Empire Today, Energy LLC dba Source Power Company, Energy Solutions Direct, Enhance Health, Enotem, Ensurem, EverQuote, Everything Medicare, ExactCare Pharmacy, Excel Impact, Exclusive Digital Media, Express Enrollment LLC, Express Marketing Solutions, ExxonMobil, eAgentDirect,, eQuoto,
FamAid, Family First Insurance Advisors, FastFlow Marketing, Festive health, Fil Digital, Final Expense Review Line,, Finance Guru, Financial Home Associates, Financial Resources Group, Find Me Health Insurance, First American Home Warranty, FirstQuoteHealth, FixMyDebtAmerica, Fluid Calls, Folgers, Free Case Evaluations, Free Solar Quotes, Frekhtman and Associates, Front Point Security, freedom Forever
GE Law, GEO, GRS, Garland Capital, Gen4life, Genetic Health Advocates, Genetics Institute of America, GeoHouse Media, Georgia-Pacific LLC, Gerber Life Insurance, Gershfeld Law Group, Get Me Healthcare, GetAways Resort Management®, LLC, GetmeHealthcare, Giraffe Media Group, LLC, Glassroots Marketing, Global Experts Limited LLC, Global Reach Labs, Go Health Advisors LLC, GoHealth, GoHealth 360, LLC, Gold Group, Good Health Initiatives, Grand Bahama Cruises, Grand Caribbean Cruises, Green Light Hearing, Greenwise Debt Relief, Greenwise Financial Solutions, GuideToInsure
HAH LLP, HMD Consulting Group LLC, HOOSIERS FOR RENEWABLES, HQ4Ads, Halo Health, Harvest Pharmacy, Health Enrollment Marketplace, Health IQ, Health IQ, Health IQ Insurance Services, Inc., Health IQ Insurance Services, Inc., Health Insurance Advantage, Health Insurance Alliance, LLC, Healthcare Solutions Direct, LLC,, Healthworks, Healthy Access, Healthy Living Pros, Heard and Smith, Hearing Better Now LLC/dba Vivid Hear, Heilbrun Law, Help Advisers, Helping Hands Association, Highland Health, Highland Health Care, Highland Health Direct, Holiday Relief, Home Advantage Hotline, Home Helpers United, Home Owners Base, Home Support Group, Home Warranty Direct, HomeAlert, HomeBusinessFortune, HomeHelp, HomeLight, Inc, Hometalk Inc., Horizon Finance Solutions, Hudson River Consulting
IDT Energy, IconEnergy LLC DBA Source Power Company, Ignitist, Impact Finance Law, Imperial Moving Group, Indra Energy, Infinite Genetics, Infinity One, Injury Help Desk, Injury Recovery, Inside Ventures, Inspire Brands, Instinctive Edge, Insurance Guide, Insurance Guide, Insure Farm, InsureaLife, Insurelife, Integriant Ventures Insurance Services, Integrity Admin, Integrity Admin, Integrity Admin Group, Integrity Vehicle Services, Integrity orthopedic supplies, Intercontinental Solutions LLC, iGain
J2Media Ventures, JBerg and Associates, JBerg and Associates, Jacuzzi Bath Remodel, Jakob Group Marketing, Job Help Hunters (JHH), Jogi LLC
KBB Sales Group, LLC, Kauffman Insurance, Kelly and Ferraro LLP, Kids Safety Network, Kimberly-Clark Brands
LIVE LEADS NOW LLC, Lakeside Pharmacy, Land Run Ads, Land Run ads, Lavish Green, LeClix, Lead Force, Lead Giant Media, Lead Market360 LLC, Leads Giant Media, Leav & Steinberg, Legal Assist, Legal Help Center, Legal Help Connect, Legal Help Services, Legal Services,, Lender Daily, Lendmarx, Lexington Law, Life Line Screening, Life Script Pharmacy, Lighthouse Finance Solutions, Lightning Tax Solutions, LikeNew Home Warranty, Live Wildly, Local Attorney, Local Jobs, Local Jobs, Local Relief Aid, LoveMyInvention/Davison
M&M HOLDINGS USA, LLC, MPA, MT Medical Supplies LLC, MTK Marketing LLC, MV Realty PBC, LLC, Magenta Health, Main Street Geo, Major Energy, Major Energy Brand, Maple Work Aid, March of Dimes, Market Pharmacy, Marketing Threat LLC, Max Healthcare Services, MaximDebtRelief, Mayberry Advisors Insurance Services, Med Assurance Advisors, MedGuard Alert, MedPacer, Medi Club Card, MediButton, Mediastratx, Mediator Law Group, Medical Alert Center, Medical Alert Group, Medical Support Group, Medicare Benefit Center, Medicare Benefits Center, Medicare Benefits Review Hotline, Medicare Call, Medicare For Everyone, Medicare Review Advisors, Medicareworks, Medigap Life, MedigapLife, Merchant 1 Financial Mortgage, Mixed Media Holdings Inc, MobileHelp, Mobivity, Modern Doc, Modoral Brands Inc., Mojo Media, Momentum Solar, Money Solvers, My Advantage Healthcare, My Family Aid, My Job Mobile, My Legal Protect, My Lifetime Advisors, mynewRx
NWCC, National Advocates, National Disability, National Fidelity Financial, National Health Plans, National Inquiry Bureau, National Medicare Group, National Senior Benefit Advisors, Netspend®, New Day Financial Solutions, New Strata Inc., Nexlevel Direct, Next Step Education Center, North Star Insurance Advisors LLC, North Star Mutual Insurance Co., Number One Health, Number One Prospecting
Oak Street Health, On Point Legal Leads, Optum Hearing
PCH, Pain Relief Network, Pain Relief Network LLC, Palm Beach Bakery, Palo Media, Park Power, Pathema DME, Pathema GX Lab, Pathema Rx, Perfect Home Defense, Perfect Tax Reflief, Performek Inc, Performek, Inc., Personal Debt Solutions, Pharmacy Alliance, Phat Credit, Platinum Choice Healthcare, Platinum Medical Supplies, Policy Scout, PolicyScout and its marketing partners, Precision Excavation, Precision Meds, Preferred Pharmacy, Preferred RX Pharmacy, Premier Disability, Premier Disability Services, Premier Producers Group, Premiere Guardian, LLC®, Premium Choice Insurance Services, Presidio Interactive Corporation, Prime Medical Supplies, Professional Debt Solutions, Protect My Car, Providence Health Advisors, Providing For Seniors, Provision Power & Gas, LLC., Puzz, ppgtelesales
Quaker Pharmacy, Quick Job Finder, Quickjobfinder, Quote Manage LLC,, QuoteWizard
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, RCR, RFMF Services, RJ Reynolds, RJR Vapor Co., LLC, RMC, RTO Now, Rally's, Ranchero Power LLC,, ReadyHealthQuotes, Real Network, Inc, Reality Media, Inc, Reliable Legal Marketing Consulting LLC, Reliable Legal Marketing,, Rely Medical Supply, Residents Energy, ResortStay International, LLC, Respond Power DBA Major Energy, Retainers on Demand LLC, RetireSMART, Revvu, Rhythm Ops LLC, Riddle Express Pharmacy, Ringmax BPO, Rise Up Medical Supplies, Rob Graham Enterprises, Rocket Health Insurance, Royal Med Supplies, Rxtome
S&S Marketing, S.B. Fintech Ltd., SLFD Processing LLC, SOS team, Samples4U, SamplesToday, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co., SaveToday, Seafront Marketing, Sears Home Improvement, Secure Agent Marketing, Select Quote, Select Quote Senior, Senior Advisors, Senior Advisory Group, Senior Aid Helper, Senior Benefits, Senior Enrollment Services, Senior Health Advocates, Senior Help Advisors, Senior Life Benefits, Senior Life Services, Senior Protect Solutions, INC., Seniors Life Safety LLC, ServicePlus, Shore Marketing Group, Shoreline Finance, Signal Vault, Signature Medicare Solutions, Simple Path Moving, Siren, Sirius Medical, Slater Slater Shulman, Smart Match Insurance Agency, SmartEnergy, SmartScripts, Smarter Daily Living, Solar America,, Solid Quote LLC, SolidQuote, Source Power Company, South Carolina Recreation Park Tourism, Spark Energy, Specialty Medical Equipment, Inc, Spring Venture Group, Starion Energy, Starpoint Resort Group, Inc, Strata Health, Strong Law Group, Sun Sceptic Protection, SunRaye, LLC, Sunnova Energy, Sunpro, Sunpro Solar, Sunrise Consulting Group, Sunrun, Super-Samples, Super-Sweepstakes, Support First,, Swift Homes, Switch Solar Sunshine Energy, Symcore Financial Group, Synergy Debt
TBAlerts, TRC, Tax Defense Network, Tax Fresh Start Initiative, Tax Law Advocates, Tax Resolution For Truckers, Tax Resolvers, Td Edge Media, Telesales Gateway Marketing, The Active Source, The Bradford Group, The Colby Group, Inc., The College Degree, The Disability Advocates, The Exxchange Team, The Ferraro Law Firm, The Health Scout, The Health Scout Disability, The J.M. Smuckers Co., The Legal Center For Debt, The Medicare Group, The Mitchell Firm, and its partners at,,, Timeshare Legal, Titan Power and Gas, Tomorrow Energy, Toro Media, Total Care Plans, TotalProtect Home Warranty, Town Square Energy, TradeMarc Global, Transparent Truth, Travel Resorts of America, Trips Marketing LLC, Triten Law, Trudova, True Commodities, LLC., True Coverage, TrueCoverage,, Turbo Debt LLC
UBACARE, UMG, UMM, US Frugal Club, US Health Advisors, US Medicare Solutions, US Resource Advisor, USA Health Initiatives, USA Health Solutions, USA Injury Network, USFG, Unilever, United Medicare Advisors, United Mommas, United Plumbing Shield, United States Disability, United States National Guard, Utilities Marketing Group, LLC
VSC Operations LLC, VWA, Vacation Deals USA, Vacation Play, Valence GX, Valence Laboratories, Valence Laboratory, Valence Technologies, Valiant Auto, Vast Medical Group,, Vendi Medical, Vistra Energy, Vitamin Wizards
WGL Energy Services, WOW Vacations, WP&G Holdings, LLC, Wagstaff, Wellife Health, Wellness 4 Life, LLC, Wendy's, Wireless Medical Alert,,,,,
Your Help HQ, Your Life Insurance Source, Your Medicare Advantage, Your Medicare Advisor